Rochelle Baumgartner, Owner/ Stylsit


My name is Rochelle; I opened The Rose Hair Studio in May of 2010. Our mission  is to consistently add value to each guest’s life. We strive to set an example of professionalism, personal integrity and excellence in the world of beauty and beyond.

Bailey Nickell, Stylist

I’m Bailey Nickell and I’m Arizona born and raised! I’ve been with The Rose Hair Studio for 8+ years

I’m Bailey Nickell and I’m Arizona born and raised! I’ve been with The Rose Hair Studio for 8+ years. I have always had a passion for hair, I love doing color, highlights, haircuts, and Brazilian Blowouts. My goal is to make each guest feel comfortable in my chair while helping them achieve their desired look 

Aislinn Schwartz, Stylist


 Hello my name is Aislinn. I am a 3rd generation hairdresser and makeup artist. I have been a licensed cosmetologist since 2013. I truly love to do any hair service, as well as makeup from bridal to SPFX. 

Lilly Sobarzo, Stylist


 My name is Lilly Sobarzo, I moved to Arizona 4 years ago and recently got married to my wonderful husband. I have been with The Rose Hair Studio for 2 years now, and have been in the beauty industry for 3 years! Doing hair is creative and fun for me, I’m always interested in learning new techniques. I have a passion for making people look and feel their best! 

Amanda Hadley, Stylist


 I’m Amanda Hadley, I’m born and raised here in AZ. Some facts about me are I’m a mother of three girls, I’m 4”11 and I love everything in the beauty industry. I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist for over 8 years and have been a stylist at The Rose Hair Studio for 5+ years. I love doing all types of hair colors, cuts, styles and makeup, but my favorite service is balayage/ombré. I love creating customized colors accordingly to your ideas while making clients happy and confident.

Nicole Guerra, Stylist


Hi, my name is Nicole Guerra, I started my Cosmetology career 15 years ago, in California, I've lived in Arizona for 3 years.  I love working with guests to achieve their hair goals. I take pride in my work and giving each guest a memorable experience. I have a passion for hair color, foil work, Brazilian Blowouts, all hair styling, as well as all types of haircutting techniques that I've learned through advanced training and education. 

Mario Chavarria, Stylist


I'm Mario Chavarria , I have  4 years of salon experience.  I specialize in razor cuts, balayage, fashion hair colors and brazilian blowouts. I can transform your hair with confidence and care that is just for you while recommending the best products for your hair. I enjoy learning new techniques to keep up to date on the latest trends. I am also bilingual for those that speak Spanish

Jessica Gonzalez, Stylist


I'm Jessica Gonzalez, AZ born and raised, Mom, wife and career driven. I have 9 years of experience in the beauty industry. I've worked for AVEDA most of my career and still continue to advance my skills through on going education. I love all things beauty! I'm creative at heart and hair is my canvas. I specialize in blondes, balayage , and haircutting. Connecting with guest and cultivating a personalized and relaxing salon experience is what I enjoy most❤